Friday, October 17, 2014

113) Current Mail-Art Network

Getting mail-art in the postbox for me still is what mail-art is about, but the new generation is doing online projects, documentation on blogs, digital catalogs, and very little analogue things these days are produced.

That is why I started to write 3D letters with the newest digital tool, a 3D pen. And the envelopes will be sent out as well into the normal mail-art network. And where will they end?

Probably they will end up in closed collections and a digital images somewhere on one of the networks and social media.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

112) Too much digital information

As it looks now, a lot of mail-artists are sucked into this digital world, and they realize there is just too much digital information to absorb. So they come to a point where they have to decide how to filter that information. Turn away from the digital sources, or just select only what interests you the most.....

As it turns out Google and Facebook are doing the same. They investigate your behavious and show you only what you indicated you liked. It is like a trap. You don't see all anymore, you just see a coloured version.

111) Documentation of a mail-art project

In the óld' days the mail-art projects resulted in printed documentation. In these modern years the documentation more and more turns out to be a blog, website, digital .PDF documentation. Is this o.k. for you and do you like the digitalisation of the documentation?

What are the positive sides of digital documentation. Are there also any negative sides?

110) Facebook or not Facebook?

I have noticed that a lot of mail-artists moved to facebook on a radical way. They post their mailings there, they post what they receive there. They even publish their artworks on all kind of groups even without sending anything out. Is that still mail-art? Do you have to send a physical piece of mail to be called a mail-artists or is sending of digital stuff enough.

In my opinion you need to send out hardcopy stuff to be called a mail-artist. do you agree or not?

109) New developments online

The free websites, like blogs, are more and more taken over with advertisings. That is why I had to remove some links from this blog. Mail-Art is a topic to discuss. Will see if the interest comes back with interesting themes and also with getting rid of the stupid advertisings. Thanks for the comment that pointed me to this.




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