Thursday, December 23, 2010

99) What should be the topic of the 100th discussion?

So far the discussions aren't that lively here. What discussion would cause a lot of reactions? What should be the issue to deal with?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

98) What do poems by John M. Bennett mean to you?


the crippled hanger ∞ flood nod trace
sighing in the water ∞ deep chump scored
blazer in the fog ∞ clasping the rent
my muddy throat ∞ dust fills the can
the pliant gas ∞ beets and spaghetti

frenchfries in the jello ∞ stiffer than rock
the window’s exploding air ∞ your gleaming ankle
dropping the whole ∞ torrent and sun
your day thought lost ∞ giggling under the bed
my cliff dirt found ∞ the running shirt filled



strokes of ham H lung pool
the drain of home H slung cheaper
lash drink cheese H foraging tune
my cost thumper H gosh loot
testing the door H mumbles grin

frown speech h clocking the floor
free ,huh? h your debt thighs
cacaphonic pantry h stroke dry milk
pricey wing h the lost flood
cave tooth h the feathered pig


X Ray

my shirt funnel s course chump
blaze the zoo s plush neck
doubling the corn s mile gnat
pustules and teeth s shining road
my passing blot s gush demon

ehécatl dried S clear and stuck
muddy lot S lips and light
popcorn inch S bury the frijol
butt sack S splash the grave
knight spot S your pants bloom


Monday, December 6, 2010

97) Do you still send out envelopes and snail-mail?

Are you still sending out postcards, envelopes and the traditional mail-art, or has the online activity taken over your main outlet to communicate with other artists?




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