Tuesday, December 7, 2010

98) What do poems by John M. Bennett mean to you?


the crippled hanger ∞ flood nod trace
sighing in the water ∞ deep chump scored
blazer in the fog ∞ clasping the rent
my muddy throat ∞ dust fills the can
the pliant gas ∞ beets and spaghetti

frenchfries in the jello ∞ stiffer than rock
the window’s exploding air ∞ your gleaming ankle
dropping the whole ∞ torrent and sun
your day thought lost ∞ giggling under the bed
my cliff dirt found ∞ the running shirt filled



strokes of ham H lung pool
the drain of home H slung cheaper
lash drink cheese H foraging tune
my cost thumper H gosh loot
testing the door H mumbles grin

frown speech h clocking the floor
free ,huh? h your debt thighs
cacaphonic pantry h stroke dry milk
pricey wing h the lost flood
cave tooth h the feathered pig


X Ray

my shirt funnel s course chump
blaze the zoo s plush neck
doubling the corn s mile gnat
pustules and teeth s shining road
my passing blot s gush demon

ehécatl dried S clear and stuck
muddy lot S lips and light
popcorn inch S bury the frijol
butt sack S splash the grave
knight spot S your pants bloom



Ruud Janssen said...

I am always amazed on how diverse and productive John M. Bennett is. If one should read all that he writes that might absorbe a life time as well....

Roland Halbritter said...

... I like his pictures and letter poetry very much, but hardly understand all those slamslang english poems, and I'm not willing to look always inside a dictionary to find out what the sense may be behind, anyways you hardly can find these words there ...

and don't tell me you understand all! - I gave it once to a native speaker and they ask me what to to with this mess

I hope I ehécatl dried to make it clear - this is my honest meaning to that. I appreciate John M. Bennett much but not his written poems, lyrics but this is just my point of view.


Ruud Janssen said...

The technoques John M. Bennett uses are very precise. Trying to find real words isn't an issue here. The process is what is the art. The results are just there.

I must admit I am more fan of his visual work. The originals are stunning.


Ed Baker said...

Who's John M. Bennett ?

He was mentioned in Conrad DiDiodato's
intro duction to (my) Stone Girl E-pic.

you'd use thunk that I'd have gotten a post-card from him
by now !




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