Tuesday, December 11, 2007

33) Thesis on Mail-Art

Over the years several persons have done research on the subject of mail-art. Some of the results I have in my collection. I am quite interested in reading these results. If someone has a thesis (or even has written one him/her-selve) I would very much like to read it. Maybe some readers can also direct me to sources. I know of some works (and have read them), but welcome any new texts to explore.

I know of works by Michael Lumb (UK), Carola van der Heijden (NL), Honoria (USA). Still looking for the text written by Donavan (UK).


denis charmot said...

Hi Ruud
Do you know this page: http://www.chernovik.org/vizual/?rub_id=6&sub_id=18&sub_id2=&leng=ru
It is in russia but you could translate it with Altavista
Denis Charmot

IUOMA said...

Hi Denis. No the site is new for me.I do know Gik Juri though. never knew he wrote this. Translations with Bable Fish only reveals the global content. Will explore a bit. Thanks for the link!





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