Wednesday, January 2, 2008

40) Is Mail-Art more than Mail-Art Projects?

Sometimes I get the idea that most things I see connected to mail-art are Mail-Art projects. Just different themes, different sizes, deadlines, etc. Is Mail-Art only Mail-Art Projects for you (as a practitioner) or is it more for you?


Bridie Knight said...

For me the mail art projects is a way to connect - to respond to similar interests and ideas (as well as being an opportunity to think about and develop a motif for the project). After that the real mail art communication can begin. When I get a reply and a series of exchanges occur; a 'conversation' develops between me and the other person.

musolf-art said...

1. As an artist who cannot work any longer with his former materials because of a heavy illness Mail-Art has become for me a window to the world.

2. All my life the postman has been a very important person but just as a boy I have known: to get letters means to write letters and wait for answers.

3. With Mailart I have found a solution for my health-problem: I can do some more artwork and the postman takes it when he comes to bring answers from arround the world.




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