Saturday, September 6, 2008

57) Impatience?


I just realized, that I sometimes become really impatient, waiting for the arrival of my send outs. On bad days ideas like "I should just post these cards with e-mail as computer scans instead of snail mail posts" come to my mind; and waiting for replies really nibble on my self consciousness ("Have I made sth. wrong?").

Well, on good days of course, I just think using snail mail is a good lesson to slow down in our fast world.



Ruud Janssen said...

Slow things down. The e.-mail vanishes so quickly. A card stays alive a lot longer.

Waiting is the best....


Wilma Duguay said...

Hi mischa,
I think you are working too hard!!! I miss not receiving your mail-art and not getting any answers to my emails.




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