Friday, November 21, 2008

63) US International Postal Rates

The International Postal Rates from the USA have been going up a few cents every year। Here are the Rates as of November 2008:
To Canada, Mexico: $०.72 for the first ounce, $0.55 for additional ounces
To other countries: $०.94 for the first ounce, $0.75 for additional ounces
There is an additional flat fee charge of $०.20 for:
- Large envelopes
- Rigid envelopes
- स्कुँरे envelopes
I usually add the 20 cents To be certain.


Ruud Janssen said...

In the Netherlands they have a special rate arround christmas for inland mail only. They make it cheap so people are able to communicate in these dark times. A very good though (and successfull too)

wastedpapiers said...

Good idea - i wish they did the same in UK. Our postal rates have just gone up along with everything else!




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