Saturday, November 21, 2009

71) New Mail-Artists from the Web

The older generation Mail-Artists was sending out traditional mail and integrated the e-mail and Internet with their communication. There is now a new generation out there that discovered mail-art through the Internet and only after that started with the sending and receiving of mail-art. What made you choose for the slow and old-fashioned mail? You could send a digital images instead? What made you send out mail the old-fashioned way?


MF said...

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to every living soul may your wishes come true and your days be bright!

I ve been sending my arty letters and cards to my friends and relatives since im 8 or 9 y.o. and never realized there are people who s crazy about it too and now that i found this circle of art mail followers, why shouldnt i use the advantage of networking online.

One thought of how many hands and minds and eyes and hearts my sendings are goiong through makes me thrilled. Some might laugh some might cry, be sad or happy about it. I like this secret co-operation, relationship between a postman and a sender.


Bradford said...

How do I explain the fascination I've had with mail service, the items that arrive and those that are sent via this convenient means of conveyance? Can I just say that I would wait by the post box for the mailman when I was just 7 years old? I like documentation that I can hold in my hand; the stamp (franking), the postmark and cancellation, routing markings and stickers. The nexus for such folks was something tangible; a postcard announcement, Factsheet5, Global Mail, et al. Now it is the convenient (too convenient?) medium of internet correspondence which brings together more people for the purposes of information and artifact exchange effecting an exponentially larger group of practitioners.

Roland Halbritter said...

Hi,it is the snail mail which counts and make the mail art to real mail art, no digitial images can replace that, I do not like the e-mail for sending images, just for words and non-visual corresponding.

Anonymous said...

I'm realy a novice in mail art. I discovered it by accident when I went to an exhibition in my town's cultural center. At first I didn't care. But some months later I was still remembering some works I observed in that place. So I decided to try it, and I instantly got hooked.

when I started to recieve works from around the world, I thought <>. So I never fell attracted by the e-mail way of sending art. Because it always sounded fake and there's not the element of surprise and the pleasure of touching the piece of art. Besides that, we can't decorate the electronic message like we do, for instance, on an envelope. Definetely, snail mail is much more inspiring and creative. And we always can show a pice of happiness to the mailman :)

Best wishes.

Eduardo Cardoso

Heleen said...

At least three reasons.

I love paper.
My heart beats faster when I see and smell REAL pencils, pens, paint & ink.
I love stamps.

(and my printer doesn't function well)




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