Sunday, June 27, 2010

86) Poll-3

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Ruud Janssen said...

What is happening to Mail-Art?
Mail-Art slowly ends up in Museums and Galleries 10.07% (14 votes)

More artists discover the Mail-Art Network through the Internet and the network grows 20.14% (28 votes)

Internet has taken over and Mail-Art is slowly dying out 4.32% (6 votes)

Mail-Art and Internet is an ideal combination 14.39% (20 votes)

Mail-Art is only the communication by the Snail-Mail system 2.88% (4 votes)

Mail-Artists have moved to the new Internet platform and are directing their sendings from there 4.32% (6 votes)

All that is possible has been explored by Mail-Art. I hardly see anything new. 1.44% (2 votes)

Mail-Art is being rediscovered by new people year by year. It will go on forever 34.53% (48 votes)

I don't know 6.47% (9 votes)

Other: 1.44% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 139




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