Thursday, May 8, 2008

51) Question on size 8x8cm

Looking at the circulaire 132, I wonder if there is a special idea behind artwork using dimensions of 8cmx8cm?
Can you give me the origin and the significance of this?


Ruud Janssen said...

it's square?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ruud,

hmm, I didn't see your answer before.

Yes, it's square. Here is a page from the new circulaire132, where you can see some:

First one I saw was from Wilma Duguay but she couldn't tell me about any background.

Wilma Duguay said...

When researching the 8cm X 8cm question, Ruud Janssen and Réjean F. Côté came up with the same person: Christian Alle...NADA-ZÉRO.
Réjean devoted a page (in French) of his December 2008 Circulaire132 zine to this question. Ruud supplied us with the blogspot address of Christian Alle:




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