Sunday, June 1, 2008

52) How much is the cheapest postage to send something to abroad?

I know that the postal rates have increased a lot over the years. The 'snail-mail' has become very expensive. The rates for the cheapest mail in the Netherlands are:

Inside Netherlands (to 20 gram) 44 Eurocent
Inside Europe (to 20 gram) 75 Eurocent
Outside Europe (to 20 gram) 89 Eurocent

Just wondered how the rates are in other countries?


Roland Halbritter said...

Postcards in GERMANY:
... inside germany 45 cents ...
... inside europe 65 cents ...
... outside europe 1 Euro ...

letters are much more expensive 55 / 70 / 1,70 till 20 gr.

size from 9 x 14 cm up to 12,5 x 23,5 cm
but why don't you try faked stamps once in a while ?

Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Roland,

Thanks for the details. I do use fake stamps now and then. Sometimes the receiver gets a bill then..... Not that nice. But aas a concept It is fun to do.


Bridie Knight said...

From Australia to Europe it costs $2.00 for a letter, maybe a little less for a flat postcard, and over $10.00 for a package depending on weight; the most I have paid was $30.00 for one item to Brazil (which got lost and returned to me 6 months later!!)

wastedpapiers said...

In the UK the cheapest for postcard to Europe is 48p

To USA , south america etc. 50p

why just 2p difference? it doesnt make any sense!

I tried fake stamps and you are right- poeple had to pay a heavy TAX. Not a good idea!

Wilma Duguay said...

For regular sized mail in Canada, the postage rate increases became effective in January 2009.

Domestic $0.54 (an increase of .02)

USA $0.98 (an increase of .02)

International $1.65 (an increase of .05)

An oversized letter remains the same at $1.15.




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