Sunday, June 29, 2008

55) Mail-Art Archives

In my TAM-Archive I found this old article I wrote about Mail-Art Archives. It was then 20 pages long and I am rethinking this topic for a new version. What has happened to the mail-art that has been sent out all these years. Is it sold, brought to archives, still hidden in boxes, what do we know?

Any stories or things I should know on this subject?
After the summervacation I will start on writing a new text. I discovered some mail-art archives has moved into certains places, sometimes wellknown archives. But sometimes they are also sold (yes, people pay for the old mail-art of some wellknown people....)
Your thoughts?


wastedpapiers said...

My archive is still piled up in plastic boxes in the old coal shed. Its safe from the mice now at least! I try to show bits of it from time to time. I have no intention of selling it. Nobody would want it anyway in these days of recession!

Ruud Janssen said...

not even the TATE is interested?What a strange thought that nobody wants all this creativity.




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