Sunday, November 11, 2007

4) Digital contributions for a Mail-Art Project

A lot of Mail-Art projects are being started every month. Some accept also digital contributions, some only want to receive the real mail (snail-mail) as contribution. What is your view about this?


Ruud Janssen - TAM said...

Hi it is a answer to the question: Digital contributions for a Mail-Art Project in
By your question, I suppose that by digital art you want to speak about e-mail art. Mailart (snail mail) and the e-mail art are for me two things completely different. The e-mail art is a simple presentation of a artwork. The mailart circulates by the postal system which deteriorates it by the obliteration of the stamps, various annotation of the post office or quite simply a deterioration of the support. All these deteriorations give a life and a history to the artwork that the electronic mails do not give. There are two kinds of mailartist. Those which diffuse artworks, which can be satisfy by the e-mail art and those which play with the limits of what is authorized by the post office and which will be able to never use the e-mail art. Here my opinion on the subject. I don't consider the e-mail art like mailart but as another style of art.
Denis Charmot

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Fraenz said...

Hello !
Our friend Denis is absolutely right !

Sharon said...

Gonna have to agree with Denis and Fraenz because they are so totally different and even though I've accepted both kinds for mail art calls I've hosted, I still LOVE to get the postal kind way better, there's something about being able to see what has traveled so far to reach you and the kinesthetic aspect of touching the art instead of just viewing it as an image. Somehow the 2D image is not quite as fascinating...
Best wishes,
Sharon Zimmer




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