Sunday, November 11, 2007

2) Doing Mail-Art or Talk about it?

Yes, I know that there are mail-artists who rather just DO mail-art and don't want to discuss the subject. I on the other hand, always have liked to discuss the subject. Mail-art is a bit broader than the regular projects that one sees online. Mail-Art is a conceptual art-form that comes out of the need to communicate. It also originates from the Fluxus Mvement and now stands on its own. Do i see these things right?

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wastedpapiers said...

Being a naturally quiet person in real life I find that I can chat online more freely and maybe some other mailers feel this too?

It's hard to gauge sometimes what peoples expectations are from joining the mail art fraternity. Its been very lucky for me in the past ( I met my life partner Hazel in the mail! ) so it really has changed my life.

I tend to blog more these days and my mail art activity is reduced to a few long time friends and the occasional project if I get inspired to send something but costs of postage and space problems for my archive have forced me to consider more what I send and to whom.

I guess i have a rose tinted view of the network of the 80's when I joined when it was all fresh and new to me and there seemed to be more interesting characters out there to connect with.
So I will hopefully still keep a finger on the pulse and be part of it even though my contribution is probabaly about 10 per cent of what it was back in the early days.




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