Sunday, November 18, 2007

23) What isn't Mail-Art

Seems like a lot of contributors want to show us what IS mail-art. Nothing wrong with that. I am currious to what we consider NOT mail-art? A nice example can be the project where mail-artists are called to send in works that is goijng to be sold for a good cause. A mail-art project where one can buy the catalogue, a mail-art project that askes an entrance fee. That is where the borders come closer to what we call mail-art or not. It has to do with the global intension I guess as well.


denis charmot said...
It is not a mall art, even with a stamp, the post office would refuse it.
Denis Charmot

Bridie Knight said...

Commercial projects are not my idea of mail art, I embrace the idea of free and open communication; they are advertising, self promotion for profit, or what ever you want to call it - Parasites that bleed the soul of creativity and cause distrust and discord, haha! Everything else is fine by me including community exhibitions and charity events in real life or online.


Anonymous said...

I found the Automatic Drawing mailart call and still wonder what the mail art aspect is? Any ideas?




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